• Insulation for heat conservation, personnel protection or freeze protection.
  • Cryogenics insulation for process stabilization or low temperature systems.
  • Soft flexible insulation pad covers for high maintenance areas such as exhausts, valves and fittings, exchangers heads and instrumentation.
  • Sheet metal fabrication of insulated boxes for wellheads, valves and fittings, exchangers and instrument protection.
  • Insulation materials and accessory sales for in-house maintenance programs.
  • Labor crews for bid jobs, daily maintenance or turnaround projects.
  • Fireproofing experiences for structural steel pipe racks or structures, vessel skirts or vessel shells and flare systems.
  • Commercial insulation applications for heating and cooling systems, chiller systems and process piping.
  • Insullation of heat tracing systems including tubing and electrcal heat tapes.
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