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About Us


Western Industrial, Inc, dba Western Industrial Insulation Inc. is an industrial insulation and scaffolding contractor established in 1993. We furnish a top quality job in the most cost effective and safe manner for our customers. Quality workmanship at competitive pricing remains our goal on every project. Each branch manager is dedicated to this goal and personally supervises all aspects of each project to insure that this goal is met and satisfied. We approach each new project with the intention of being "Asked back" to perform work at a later date. Repeat customers have played the largest part in our success to date.


Western Industrial, Inc. is primarily engaged in the industrial insulation and scaffold business for refineries, gas plants, power plants, oil production facilities, geothermal, cogeneration, cement and cryogenic plants. Our crews have worked in facilities across the United States from North Carolina to California and from North Dakota to south Texas. Our branch managers combined have over 50 years experience in the insulation industry with estimating, contracting, insulation design and maintenance. Our branch managers have a vested interest in the success of each project and the relationships with each customer.


Safety Is Western Industrial, Inc's Number One Priority

Western Industrial, Inc. is 100% committed to safe working practices. One of the most important facets of our operation is the safe execution of our services in our customer facilities. Each branch manager is charged with the responsibility of administering our corporate safety program and insuring that our employees use safe practices in their daily work duties. Our excellent safety record is due to these corporate principles:

  • Safety trainings that include written materials, videos and testing
  • Incentives and penalties for safety performance on the jobsites
  • Accident investigations and follow-up for future prevention
  • Safety instructions that include SAFELAND, MSTQ, H2s CLEAR, OSHA 10 and 30, PPE, MSDS, Hazcom, First Aid, CPR, Permit Systems, Confined space, Fall Protection, Emergency Response, H2S, Powered Equipment, Forklift, Scaffold Builder & Competent Person, Fire Brigade
  • Member in ISNETWorld Safety System (15 years), PEC Safety

All of our supervisors are trained to instill in our employees a safe working environment and to help create a safe working culture when on the job site. 

The Services We Provide


industrial insulation

Industrial Insulation

Western Industrial, Inc. offers our clients a skilled work force with comprehensive knowledge of industrial insulation applications for piping, equipment, and vessels that includes. 

  • Insulation for heat conservation, personnel protection or freeze protection
  • Cryogenics insulation for process stabilization or low temperature systems
  • Soft flexible insulation pad covers for high maintenance areas such as exhausts, valves and fittings, exchangers heads and instrumentation
  • Sheet metal fabrication of insulated boxes for wellheads, valves and fittings, exchangers and instrument protection
  • Insulation materials and accessory sales for in-house maintenance programs
  • Labor crews for bid jobs, daily maintenance or turnaround projects
  • Fireproofing experiences for structural steel pipe racks or structures, vessel skirts or vessel shells and flare systems
  • Commercial insulation applications for heating and cooling systems, chiller systems and process piping

Western Industrial, Inc. has extensive experience in the oil and gas field, refineries, and geothermal power plants, cement plants and paper mills and power plants. 

We here at Western Industrial, Inc. have many vendors for any insulation specification you may require.



Western Industrial, Inc. is not limited to any particular brand or type of scaffolding system with our services.  Due to this flexibility, we can provide scaffolding anywhere in the country at economical rates.

  • We have trained and certified scaffold builders for field erection and dismantling
  • Assistance in designing and planning scaffolding needs for any project
  • Labor services for daily maintenance, bid jobs or turnarounds
  • Access to engineering and design services for scaffolds over 125' tall
  • Every project creates unique scaffold requirements. Western Industrial, Inc. can evaluate your requirements onsite, design, furnish and install the scaffolding components for a customized solution
  • Our employees have experience with all types of scaffolding materials including tube and clamp, Cup Type scaffold systems, Ring type scaffold systems and Frame type scaffold systems in order to meet all our client’s needs. System type scaffolding adaptable for round, square or rectangular areas
  • Certified competent personnel for daily OSHA tagging
  • Access to unlimited quantity of all scaffolding types and delivery within days
  • Western Industrial, Inc. also furnishes and installs safe EXCEL scaffold systems 

If you need a 125' Demethanizer tower  scaffold or a 4' rolling scaffold we can help you find the right application for the job and complete it safely.

Removable blankets

Removable Blankets

Western Industrial, Inc. also fabricates removable flexible insulation pad covers for valves and flanges, instrumentation, turbine and exhaust covers, heat exchanger heads and flanges and pump covers for heat conservation. 

Depending on your specifications we can fabricate any size of cover you may need, sewn with Velcro closures or hog ringed with lacing hook closures.


Fireproofing / Refractory

Western Industrial, Inc. has extensive experience in the following applications of fireproofing.

  • Castable refractory new installations and minor repairs
  • Major refactory work through subcontracting and reliable contractors for new installations and emergency repairs or schedualed shutdowns
  • Knowledge and experience in multipule Fireproofing applications
  • Experience with Forming and Pouring, Spray or Trowel Fireproofing applications
  • Dense concrete or Lightweight Cementitious applications

Heat trace

Heat Trace

Western Industrial, Inc. also has extensive experience in the installation for heat tracing systems, including tubing and electric heater cable. 

Depending on your specifications or needs we can help assist in the installation of heat trace and let your I&E to power connect. 

Panel insulation system

Tank Panel System

Western Industrial Inc, also installs Insulation Panel System for your tanks. This system is a standing seam panel system with insulation the back side already installed. It is a more cost effective and efficient way to insulate and weatherproof your tank.

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